Gemini StoryJanice Brown wrote a series of short stories to outline the basic characteristics of the 12 Zodiac Signs that we all know so well. Being in story form, it was much more fun to make some signs adults, some children, whether heroes, heroines, or villains - of both sexes.

Ranging from 'the voice of authority' to outright power madness, this brand of cat loves the spotlight and rarely disappoints. LEO needs to produce, and creativity of all kinds pours out. If they aren't actually performing they will gladly fill you in on their plans. They need to be appreciated for the effort. A great pride lives in LEO. They do their best, as they see it, in every situation. Lady Luck seems to bail them out at every tight corner. In love (and this especially includes their children), their need to dominate, and frank, outspoken nature can overshadow their good hearts and generous spirit. Their freely given time, money and knowledge can be forgotten as they issue edicts from the throne. Love this mate for what they do - not the tone of what they say - to bask in the warmth and light and protection of true love. Never deny them dignity and, oh yes, for goodness sake, applaud the sexual drama as best ever. LEO loves to top its own performance!

Occupations: Natural actors and theatrical managers or any business where 'performance' counts - from comedy to sales. Memorable teachers, military leaders, politicians. Given responsibility they earn every reward - without authority they wither.


Judith closed her briefcase with a decisive snap and hoisted its considerable weight to the floor beside her new mahogany desk. Of course she would attend the hospital committee meeting. The National Sales Leader of Home World Real Estate had gotten where she was by attending to duty. Nothing had changed.

"Let's run tomorrow's schedule check", she called to her assistant, Sandi. The young woman sprang into her office, daytimer poised and smiling broadly.

"You got it, boss", she chirped and Judith marveled at her 6:30 pm freshness. It had been a great move to hire that babysitter to relieve Sandi of household drudgery. She was free now to enjoy her kids and her job. Judith returned the smile and together they confirmed the next arduous, fully booked day.

Precision was paramount to preserve Judith's position, and not let her charity obligations slacken. Besides being good for the heart, public service also fed the business and there were 135 souls under her wings now, all depending on her leadership.

At exactly 6:55, Judith was slickly maneauvering her sports car through the evening traffic. It was almost distraction enough, but not quite. An unbidden thought, (successfully pushed aside for days), leaped full-blown into her mind's eye. It was a face. A handsome, very male face with faintly mocking, merry eyes, that she might see again tonight at St. Jude's Children's Hospital meeting. She changed gears rougher than necessary hoping to grind away the strange soft excitement. There were so many urgent issues and decisions to consider in this 15 minutes on the road that drifting into romantic speculation was not on the program.

Besides, relationships were a disaster for her. Judith burned brightly and drew attention to the force of her personality. She dressed to professional perfection and, although she felt a bit too tall, too thin for her liking, it didn't stop a steady stream of weak-willed men, drawn to her flame, eager to lean on her strength. All too soon they whined she had no time for them. Only her love of opera and theatre (and her seat on the board) caused her to accept dates for escorts and accept the inevitable disappointment.

The hospital committee meeting had full attendance. Not surprising. There was genuine fear over the next fiscal funding and every department was hurting. Involuntarily, she searched the table for that face and felt a lonely emptiness when he wasn't there. "Snap out of it, girl," she chided herself and focused completely on the business at hand.

An hour slid by in heated debate and a request was made for the Chief of Surgery's opinion. Judith's head turned with the crowd but his eyes locked only on hers. So that's who he was! Suddenly her sweater was too warm, the room was airless and she needed water badly, but moving was impossible. She tore her eyes away and stared at her notes, seeing nothing but listening intently.

His arguments were sound, the suggestions were intelligently put forth with logic and humour. The general tension in the room eased for all but Judith. Strung like a wire and feeling as unstable as a novice tightrope walker, she began organizing her papers as the meeting broke up.

A glance towards the handsome face found the man in motion and coming her way. Dignity won out over panic and as she took his hand for a formal greeting he pulled her gently towards him and told her quietly, "I adore successful women and I'm not looking for another mother". His mischievous smile belied the insight of his words. He squeezed her hand reassuringly and continued, "See you at the next meeting. Perhaps we can schedule a coffee afterwards?"

He was gone before she could either breathe or reply.

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